December 3, 2023

When Fiona Chan first found herself stuck in Hong Kong as pandemic lockdowns began, she couldn’t have anticipated that within the next year, she’d found a beauty company or launch viral product. But that transformative and uncertain period proved to be a productive one for the entrepreneur, who introduced makeup company Youthforia — the fruits of those lockdown labors — in 2021.

Youthforia develops its products to be unique from anything else on the market, and that applies to both form and function: Its hero SKUs include color-changing “oil” blush (the aforementioned “viral product”) and lip glosses that magnetically fit together like Legos. But flashy, fun exteriors aside, the brand’s formulas are also rather game-changing. Youthforia positions itself at the intersection of color cosmetics and skin care, taking a more holistic approach that doesn’t put its users in the position of sacrificing the health of their complexions for the fleeting glory of a makeup look.


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