December 3, 2023
Symrise is launching Hydrolite 6 green, a green version of its multifunctional ingredients, Hydrolite 6 and Hydrolite 6O. This 6-carbon 1,2-alkanediol enters the cosmetics market as the first green 1,2-hexanediol. 


The raw material comes from sustainable sources. Hydrolite 6 green can be used in conventional and green formulations and all formulation types. Its exceptional mildness makes it compatible with all skin types, even the most delicate ones. 


Multifunctional ingredients offer multiple benefits for formulators and consumers alike: They work as ideal solutions for, and address the concept of, minimalism by allowing the use of fewer ingredients in products. Concurrently, they achieve the same high-quality and performance as with more complex formulations. 1,2-Alkanediols represent a family of multifunctionals with particularly robust stability, safety, and versatility. As product protection enhancers, they have become essential components of modern product protection systems.


Symrise has recently also developed other green 1,2-alkanediols, such as Hydrolite 5 green, Hydrolite 7 green, and Hydrolite 8 green. With the launch of Hydrolite 6 green, Symrise offers the entire range of green 1,2-alkanediols in chain lengths from 5 to 8 as the first company on the cosmetic market.


“With Hydrolite 6 green, we are expanding our portfolio of sustainable multifunctional ingredients and are once again demonstrating our innovative strength,” said Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, senior global product manager cosmetics ingredients division at Symrise. “This allows us to meet the demands of both consumers and our customers as we contribute to having more sustainable options in cosmetics.”


The industry has used traditional 1,2-hexanediol for decades, particularly for product protection. Hydrolite 6 green now enters the cosmetic market as the first completely green variant. The ingredient comes with the following characteristics: efficiently moisturizes the skin; helps to solubilize lipophilic cosmetic ingredients; improves the sensory profile of formulations; stabilizes emulsions due to smaller droplet sizes; and enhances product protection.


“At Symrise, we prioritize quality and sustainability,” said Dr. Nikolas Bugdahn, director, New Molecules Synthesis. “Hydrolite 6 green meets this requirement by combining high purity, multiple benefits, and sustainable raw material source.”

DQS Honors Symrise for its Commitment to Biodiversity

The Holzminden-based group received the Sustainability Heroes Award from DQS for the third time in a row. 


The German Society for Sustainability has been awarding this prize in six categories since 2015. The jury recognized the winners’ commitment during an online conference held from October 18 to 20, 2022: Out of 60 nominees, six companies received the coveted seal. 


Symrise impressed the jury in the Biodiversity category. The jury praised the company’s “comprehensive agenda, clear goals, effective organizational structures and development projects.” 


In previous years, DQS presented Symrise with the Sustainability Heroes Award for its sustainability strategy. This year, it highlighted the company’s actions for the global preservation of biodiversity. 


The expert jury explained its decision as follows: “To achieve its ambitious biodiversity goals, Symrise is working consistently with stakeholders from business, science and society to transform supply chains into ecologically and socially compatible value creation networks that protect biodiversity, use it sustainably and allow local communities in the regions of origin of the raw materials to share fairly in the company’s success.”


“We feel proud that after receiving the award for our Sustainability Strategy and social commitment last year, we are now also being honored with an award for our biodiversity conservation program,” said Bernhard Kott, chief sustainability officer at Symrise.


The Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chain Initiative, for example, aims to preserve biodiversity. Since 2019, Symrise has been committed to the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights. In the alliance, a total of 33 companies and organizations are committed to binding human rights due diligence obligations for companies along the supply chain. 


“We rely on transparency and traceability to gain full control along the value chain,” said Helmut Friede, corporate sustainability at Symrise, explaining the company’s values regarding global supply chains.


With this in mind, Symrise has developed a Code of Conduct to which all suppliers must adhere. It contains Symrise guidelines on human rights, health and safety, environment and business practices.


Another example of the global conservation of biodiversity are the Symrise Artisan programs, which focus on promoting sustainable raw material cultivation in countries like Egypt. An additional focus aims at the already award-winning “Bridging the Gap” activities, i.e., special learning partnerships between suppliers, farmers, Symrise and its customers.



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