December 1, 2023

Irish influencer Suzanne Jackson it stepping back from her SoSu brand, a successful cosmetics business, following a surprise move to Portugal with her husband.

Suzanne launched the popular make-up and tanning brand seven years ago back in 2015, the 37-year-old has hired a new CEO SoSu as it looks to go in a fresh direction.

With the business going on a new venture, Suzanne is ready to move away from the global company she launched herself, in favour of some downtime in sunny Portugal.

Suzanne Jackson
Irish influencer Suzanne Jackson it stepping back from her SoSu brand, a successful cosmetics business. Photo: Instagram/Suzanne Jackson.

‘I have actually just hired a new CEO for my business. That CEO will be starting – all going well- in September and from then on I’m going to try to step back – a little – and let my amazing team take charge and I’m going to try to live a good couple of months here, in Portugal,’ she told VIP magazine.

Changing the name from SoSu by SJ to SoSu Cosmetics, Suzanne hopes the move will help the company gain more global recognition and attention.

She explained: ‘I am seven years now running SoSu, but with my skill set I can’t bring my company any further. I need my new team to take to to the next level and it make it go global.

‘Quietly, I am rebranding to SoSu Cosmetics because I am trying to take my name away from the brand and let it be its own standalone.

Suzanne and husband Dylan O’Connor are planning to spend more time in Portugal. Photo: Instagram/Suzanne Jackson.

‘Because nobody in America is going to know who Suzanne is anyway. I am very excited for what is to come.’

Suzanne and her husband Dylan O’Connor are going to keep away from Ireland during the warmest months of the year and stay in their rented Portugal villa.

Admitting they have a ‘different way of living’ from having no children, Suzanne can’t wait to finally go ahead with the plans which were delayed due to the pandemic.

Suzanne launched her business back in 2017. Photo: Instagram/Suzanne Jackson.

‘We did have plans to do this last year but with Covid it didn’t happen. It’s a different way of living for us; we have no children.

‘We have a lovely villa we’re renting at the moment but we will buy when the market is not so inflated,’ she admitted.

Teasing what’s ahead for the future, Suzanne hinted that she has a new brand currently in development.

‘It’s been in development for the last two years so I’m going to spend a bit of time on that, along with consulting the likes of start-ups,’ she said.


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