December 1, 2023


Who we are

IDEA is specialized in toxicology, tolerance and efficacy evaluation (in vivo and in vitro) for both finished products and ingredients. As a real interface between R&D, marketing and regulatory departments, IDEA provides you suitable tests in perfect agreement with your needs and regulation in force.

Core Activites

The IDEA TESTS Group activities are centered on 4 divisions:

  • IDEA Clinic: tolerance and efficacy testing
  • IDEA Sun: in vivo and in vitro solar tests
  • IDEA Lab:in vitro testing (regulatory toxicology, efficacy) and microbiology (preservative efficacy, quality control)
  • IDEA Legal: human health safety evaluation, European cosmetic file setting up, regulatory advice, toxicological expertise

A team of specialists

Specialists (toxicologists, dermatologists, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, stomatologists, microbiologists, chemists, bio-statisticians) work together in designing, performing and interpreting your investigations.

A guaranty of quality

The respect of Good Clinical Practices and Good Laboratory Practices, ISO 9001 certification combined with an effective computer management are a guaranty for results with constant quality.

Major markets


Anti-ageing products



Personal Care

Hair Care

Specialized services

IDEA provides a full offer for the registration of the cosmetic file and the safety assessment. Our formulation and toxicologist experts give you customised advice on drawing up your cosmetic file according to recommendations from the regulations in force, such as REACH and the new European
Cosmetic regulation.


Innovative customer service

With “Contactest”, a real on line test management tool, you can know instantly the test schedule and the study result deadline, or check the studies history by product over 3 years.

Global capabilities

Through 5 locations in Europe (2 in Bordeaux, Brest, Lille and Bucharest), and 2 in Asia (Bangkok and Jakarta), the IDEA TESTS Group is able to provide you a full service of cosmetic evaluation at the best value for money in Europe.

Contact details

Virginie RIBIERE, export sales manager

Tel + 33 5 56 64 82 33

Email [email protected]



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