December 3, 2023

Last year was awash with fresh challenges for beauty and personal care brands and retailers, as the world changed at lightning speed. CosmeticsDesign-USA spoke to Lezlee Westine, president & CEO of the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC), about the hurdles the industry had faced, as well as the opportunities that lay ahead.

Vital steps toward diversity, equity, and inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) had been high on the agenda for the PCPC and many of its members in 2022. Although it was not an issue that could be solved overnight, the past year had seen strong progress through programs and initiatives to improve recruitment and retention and to address racial disparities in leadership and pay, according to the PCPC.

“A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace undoubtedly fosters more innovation and creativity, less biased decision-making, and produces better ideas for solving problems,” ​said Westine. “Our most recent member Sustainability Assessment Survey fielded in January 2022, showed that more than 75% of PCPC member companies had DEI policies and programs in place.”

A focus on sustainability and social responsibility

Recent years had also shed light on the urgent and complex challenges facing our natural systems and the pressing need to take significant measures to protect our planet. Governments and businesses across the globe had stepped up their climate actions and made greenhouse gas emissions reduction a top priority, in alignment with the Paris Agreement, and the PCPC had also made this a key focus for its work.

“Climate action is a top priority for our member companies, and our industry has undertaken leadership commitments and ambitious initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition toward a low-carbon economy,” ​said Westine.


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