December 1, 2023

Prices of everything in Ghana keep rising except salaries. In an era where prices of goods and services keep increasing by the day, it is important for every individual to devise ways to make money or even some extra cash even if you already work an 8 to 5.

In recent times, however, there’s been calls for young people to venture into entrepreneurship as the number of jobs currently available does not match the number of graduates being churned out of the University every year.

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta noted in 2021 that the government’s payroll was full thus no vacancies for persons looking for jobs. He further encouraged school-leavers to create jobs for themselves.

Even though the news was received with mixed reactions from the public, some noted that starting a business or creating one is not a problem, but the capital to start with.

In this article, we will explore various business ideas, which when executed can rake in thousands of Ghana cedis but do not require a huge sum, to begin with.

1. Jobs that require skills

Businesses that require the provision of services never go out of season and so their longevity can be assured. First of all, these skills can be learned by reading and watching tutorials on the internet.

With constant practice and determination, you can become a pro while making some cool cash. From the beginning you can start by providing home services for those interested whiles you save up to expand.

These skills include Hairdressing, Shoemaking, Barbering, dressmaking, crocheting, makeup, etc.

Technological skills

As the world is gravitating toward technology, there is a high demand for persons who are into information technology. Those in the Tech space have testified of the juicy benefits they derive from tech offers. These skills can be acquired by having an electronic device i.e. a phone or laptop and an active source of internet. These skills include coding and graphic designing.

Fruit juice and soap making

Making fruit juices with very good packaging is a lucrative business because a lot of people find it quite difficult to eat fruits thus a fruit juice plug that will deliver fresh juices to them on a daily is one that would be highly appreciated.

The same goes for soap making as well, there are so many videos online on how to mix soap-making ingredients for personal and business purposes.

Buying and selling

Deciding on what to buy and sell as well as the capital needed is mostly the difficult part for most people. But with perfect planning, it can be executed to the letter.

Identify your target market and your geographical location. Thankfully, delivery services are currently everywhere so your location is not really a barrier anymore. Items that can be sold include groceries, dresses, jewelry sets, cosmetics, etc.

However, no matter what you decide to do, make sure that you have learned good financial management skills to be able to derive the best from the proceeds of the business.

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