December 1, 2023

Marketing your beauty salon or day spa

With so many salons and day spas open today, each needs to prove its value in innovative ways. You can use the following techniques to spread the word:

Build a website

If nothing else, you absolutely must have a sleek, professional website – customers who hear of you will seek it out to take a look at your treatments, check out your prices and find your contact details.

To get a website up and running, you can either hire a freelance web developer to work with, or use a website building platform. Cost-effective and simple to use, these platforms are ideal for beginners.

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Use social media

On social media, you can share images and details of your treatments, your salon’s environment and your therapists, giving potential customers a sense of familiarity with your salon.

Maximise the power of social media by:

  • Using a tone of voice and communication style that’s consistent with your brand image
  • Using professional, high-quality images
  • Sharing popular hashtags that are relevant to your salon and treatments
  • Staying engaged with your followers by responding to their comments and instant messages
  • Experimenting with competitions and giveaways

Email your customers

Keeping in regular contact with your clients via email, sharing special offers and updates on what the business is up to, is an excellent way to keep them engaged and thinking of your salon or spa.

Durrant advises to “Market your salon from your software; send out newsletters, texts and recommend a friend cards to clients to keep them coming back to the salon and to gain new clients too”. A CRM (customer relationship management) system will help to streamline this process, personalising emails and newsletters with each customer’s name, automating sends, collating customer data and more.

Check out our guide to the best CRM tools for small businesses, and compare CRM systems quotes for free.

Offer packages and tailored experiences

When people visit a salon or spa, they like to feel special. While you should always aim to give your clients a great experience, you can capitalise on this even further by crafting special packages.

For example, you could include a glass of champagne with a treatment, or throw in free hand massages with your manicures. You could also get in on the party and events market, offering special packages for groups – for instance, providing drinks of their choice and giving them free samples of products.

Introduce a rewards scheme

Salon customers tend to be loyal – if they’ve had a good experience with you they’ll probably come back again.You can really drive this loyalty further by offering a rewards scheme – for example, after getting four treatments the customer can have their fifth for free, or at a reduced price.

What’s next?

Opening a beauty salon is a huge undertaking, but if you’re passionate about providing fantastic treatments to clients, there’s every chance that you will find success.

With the right qualifications and training, plus some stellar customer service skills, a warm personality and a lot of patience, you can use this guide to make your beauty salon the best it can be.


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