December 8, 2023

Liza Rapay, head of marketing at Cosmoprof, told CosmeticsDesign that the organization is excited about a number of changes to the show, both those made by the organization and by those attending.

Changing venue to the Las Vegas Convention Center has allowed Cosmoprof the make adjustments to the show’s setup and improve the exhibitor experience, Rapay said. 

Here are three changes to keep your eyes peeled for at Cosmoprof North America 2022.

Changes to the floor

Rapay said the move to the Las Vegas Convention Center is allowing Cosmoprof to make changes to how the show floor is set up.

In the past supply chain service exhibitors were mixed in with final product companies, which make up the majority of the show. This year, supply chain service companies will get a separate area on the show floor.

“We’ve received very positive feedback from supply chain solutions exhibitors because they used to feel dwarfed by the finished products because they’re such a big part of our show,”​ Rapay said.

She also said Cosmoprof will not be dividing companies by segment because the lines between skincare, makeup, hair care and fragrance are becoming blurred, particularly for buyers.

There will also be more fragrance exhibitors at the show than in past years.

More buyers and executives

Rapay said early registrations show an increase in high-level leadership from multinationals planning to attend the Cosmoprof NA this year.

Carrying over from last year’s show, Rapay also said some retailers are preparing to focus on buying at this year’s show. 


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