December 3, 2023

CosmeticsDesign-Europe interviewed all of the exhibitors at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna’s dedicated beauty tech zone back at the end of April to find out what sort of innovations were shaping today’s market and discuss some of the biggest opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

Honest consumer feedback – ‘we’re a Tinder for beauty’

Kimberly Carney, founder and CEO of digital marketplace Glosswire said its two-sided platform enabled brands to curate critical consumer feedback and beauty consumers the chance to better understand products and spark change.

“Glosswire is a two-sides marketplace; it connects consumers and brands with data tech,”​ Carney said. “So, basically, we’re a Tinder for beauty. The consumer swipes left if they like it, swipes right if they don’t like it; they can favourite, they can save [products] in their profile. And we’re really building these digital profiles to give back that consumer intelligence to the beauty industry,”​ she said.

Glosswire used data-driven technologies and social integration tools like swiping, liking and sharing to share consumer feedback on products with some 175 brands. And Carney said this insight helped inform production decisions, improve conversion rates and ultimately drive repeat purchases.

But more broadly, she said Glosswire tapped into the biggest opportunity in beauty tech today – “connecting with the consumer”.

“…I think it’s super important for the consumer today. They want to have a say; they want to have a vote. And, going forward, they’re going to continue to do that. And when they see brands on our platform – we tell the brand story, we show what products they’re offering, the ingredients – it’s so important that consumers have all that information.”


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