December 1, 2023
Beauty giant Amorepacific keen on 'Creating a Smart Future Together'

Inspired by the “Amore Heart,” Amorepacific’s booth symbolizes its constant confidence in investing in the Chinese market, an increasingly enterprising spirit of innovation, and a heart of continuous contribution to society.

The world-famous cosmetics giant Amorepacific is present at the 5th China International Import Expo with seven brands, more than 500 selected exhibits and nearly 20 new products under the theme of “Creating a Smart Future Together.”

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and South Korea, as well as the 30th anniversary of Amorepacific’s entry into the Chinese market.

Amorepacific will arrange its exhibit in the consumer goods section of the expo, demonstrating advanced innovative technologies, digital transformation strategies and sustainable development concepts in all aspects. By taking part in the CIIE, the company affirms its confidence and commitment to the Chinese market.

Inspired by the “Amore Heart,” one of the enterprise elements, Amorepacific’s booth symbolizes its constant confidence in investing in the Chinese market, an increasingly enterprising spirit of innovation, and a heart of continuous contribution to society.

First show of new heavyweight products, star products upgrade

As an important overseas strategic location of Amorepacific, China, with its vast market and huge consumption potential, is driving the continuous investment of core R&D forces of enterprises and accelerating the introduction of new products and technologies.

Over years of deep market cultivation and profound Oriental aesthetic insight, Amorepacific has been able to accurately position consumer demand and bring consumers a wonderful experience of continuous upgrading with rich products and advanced technologies.

The LANEIGE, a youth skin expert brand under Amorepacific, is globally launching LANEIGE Perfect Renew 3X series at the expo.

The LANEIGE Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum is packed in innovative 3-tube packages, combining firmness, light lines, and skin gloss essence, with a synergistic amplification effect of “1+1+1>3,” improving skin aging traces in multiple ways to develop a healthy glow.

Primera, which is committed to continuing the power of nature with science and technology, is introducing Primera Hydro Glow Treatment Essence on the global stage for the first time.

The product contains Phytobiotics™ and Seed Saponin, which can help delay the aging traces of skin from the all-round of moisturizing, elasticity and wrinkle resistance.

In addition, Amorepacific’s luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo is also meeting Chinese consumers with its flagship star product, Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum, a limited edition package for the 25th anniversary. The brand Innisfree, which is popular among young Chinese consumers, is launching its Collagen Peptide Essence Cream in China for the first time on the stage of the CIIE.

Deeply cultivating customized technology to create a smart beauty world

Focusing on the future beauty development trend, Amorepacific, based on a solid product foundation and integrating cutting-edge technology, is bringing the audience an imaginative beauty technology experience from the product use process to a sustainable lifestyle: the personal customized service “Mind-linked Bathbot” of the bath agent will add bath fun through emotional customization “bath ball” for customers to relax.

The instant customization instrument “Formularity” of functional cosmetics, which won the CES 2021 Health & Wellness Innovation Award, can produce targeted ampoule essence in real time for specific skin problems.

The personal customized service “Bespoke Neo” uses the skin color measurement program jointly developed by Amorepacific and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology. Amorepacific also replicate its “Refill Station” located in the new concept of environmental protection sub-packaging store “Amore Store Hair & Body” in Seoul, South Korea. It opens up new ideas for the sustainable development of the future beauty consumption market.

Beauty giant Amorepacific keen on 'Creating a Smart Future Together'

The beauty innovative technology and sustainability exhibition area at Amorepacific’s booth.

30 years in China to create a sustainable future together

“The hosting of the CIIE for five consecutive years demonstrates the Chinese government’s firm determination to support trade liberalization and economic globalization, and the steady and open Chinese market provides a strong growth momentum for the sustainable development of the world economy,” said Mike Hwang, president of Amorepacific China.

“We are amazed by the strong resilience and huge potential of China’s economy. We will seize every opportunity to continue to iterate on beauty products and research and development technologies at the speed of the CIIE, and bring overseas trendy new products, beauty technology, digital experience and sustainable fashion to the Chinese market, and embrace new opportunities in the Chinese market.”

The dynamic Chinese market has provided a rich opportunity for Amorepacific’s development, allowing its beauty business to continuously bloom in China. In return, Amorepacific will always adhere to the mission of “Make A MORE Beautiful World,” and give back to the Chinese market step by step, the company said.


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