December 3, 2023

The jolly season is finally here, and the Lebanese people are now getting ready for the joyous festivities, preparing to celebrate at home and with friends, and joining the cheerful vibes at many Christmas markets in Lebanon.

In celebration of “the most wonderful time of the year,” people all over the world are now going on shopping sprees for gifts for their relatives, friends, spouses, and children.

In Lebanon, it is no different, except that many have been living on tight budgets due to the economic crisis and hyperinflation. Yet, they won’t miss the occasion to express their love with affordable gifts.

This Christmas is also a great opportunity for the Lebanese to express love and enact unity toward local and small businesses by seeking their products for gifts.

So here are some ideas for thoughtful and affordable Christmas gifts you can find at local and small businesses in Lebanon:

A box of sweet goodies

You can gift your loved ones with beautiful and delicious sweet confectionaries and chocolate-dipped treats from Tm N Crafts.

Located in Byblos, the home-based shop has pick-ups and delivery available. You may check it out on their Instagram page or contact them at 71 571 715.

Christmas-themed soaps

Show your beloved ones that you care by investing in some limited-edition holiday organic, handmade, and natural facial and cold process soaps from Soapure.

For more information, contact 71 652 908.

Customized Christmas ornaments

If you want to buy handmade and personalized Christmas decorations and ornaments, you can do so at By Sara F. in Chekka.

The shop also offers original and customizable gifts, such as Christmas vacation luggage tags and Christmas signs, and provides delivery across Lebanon.

Contact 71 835 490 for more info.

Cute crochet bags

Crocheted accessories are all the rage right now in Lebanon and worldwide. There are many local artisans and businesses across the country and on social media offering these kinds of beautiful handmade items.

Check out Unique Crochet on Instagram, an arts and crafts store, that customizes orders, or visit these 14 Go-To Places For Trendy Handmade Crochet Articles In Lebanon.

Handpainted jeans jackets

These are absolutely cool and sure to brighten the eyes of your loved ones. You can check them out at Handmade by Fatima which also provides cute handpainted cups and mugs.

Check her products on her Instagram page or contact 71 243 350 for inquiries.

Budget binders

Budget binders and planners are great gifts for those who like to organize their time and expenses. And when these useful items can be personalized, they are always so appreciated.

By Lana Yassine offers such products customized and personalized as well as cards, calendars, and more. You may check her products for gift ideas on her Instagram page and order from her website store.

Christmas bath bombs

Bath bombs are thoughtful gifts since they are meant to provide a relaxing and refreshing sensation that lasts hours after the bath.

So if you are still wondering what to give your loved ones, consider Christmas-themed bath bombs from local businesses like Ward Joury, BathBombs&Beyond, Bombilicious, and more.

Handmade Jewelry

You can never go wrong with a gift of trendy accessories for women and girls. Check out the Lebanese shop Goldazzle (previously named Made With Love Accessories) on Instagram.

It offers a beautiful collection of 18k gold-plated jewelry “handmade with love” by two sisters as well as personalized accessories.

Shipping is available locally and worldwide. For more info, contact 76 866 267.

Natural skin care products

Another gift idea that speaks of care and love is a skin care product that is natural, handmade, and organic. A local Lebanese business that is great to check out is Oil of Nature, which provides organic, plant-based health & beauty products for both men and women (Contact: 71 610 239).

You can also buy body scrubs, exfoliating shower balls, and body lotions from local beauty and cosmetic shop like Serena’s Bodyline (Contact: 71 177 260), and other.

Customized ceramic gifts

If your relatives or friends are coffee lovers, you can order beautiful, handmade, and customized ceramic Arabic coffee cups and Lebanese-themed products from Andy Design online via WhatsApp at 70 844 121.

Artisanal kitchen utensils

Lebanon is the land of artisanal goodies, and many local businesses create wonderful gifts inspired by the Lebanese heritage, including Masaya Artisanat, which offers a variety of clothes, accessories, home decor, and artisanal kitchen utensils, from cheese sets to cake and salad sets.

Located in Hazmieh, the shop opens from 10 am until 6 pm. Contact 05 452 987 for more inquiries.


You can gift your loved one items inspired by the modern Orient from Mouftah El Chark, which sells homeware, accessories, and clothes, including cute abayas for men and women.

For more information, contact 81 844 578 on WhatsApp.

Funky socks

Socks are good gifts during the holiday season, as they are affordable and comfortable. So if you want to invest in some funky socks, you can do so at My Socks, a socks shop based in Lebanon.

Contact 71 495 863 on WhatsApp to order.

Makeup and cosmetics

For the big fan of makeup and cosmetics, you can chose locally made products from Dali, a Lebanese-born brand offering cruelty-free and wallet-friendly beauty products.

You can shop on their website. Contact: 81 896 114.


Candles are lovely gift ideas for their multipurpose: aromatic for self-care, home décor, and home fragrance.

You can buy some great holiday-inspired candles from Agalia, a local candle shop offering good-looking and cute candles. You can check them on its Instagram page and order via 70 668 061.

A gift box for him or her

Thinking of gift ideas can be time-consuming, so you can easily present your loved ones with a gift box filled with many “joyous” and useful items, according to your budget.

Many local businesses have those ready for you to chose from. The Gift Box, for instance, can let you customize your box and deliver it to your doorstep. For more info, contact 71 722 327 on WhatsApp.


Whiskey can make a fine gift for whiskey collectors and connoisseurs. There are many local whiskey brands you can support this Christmas season, including Athyr, one of the first Lebanese single malt whisky made with Lebanese oak.

For more details, contact 03 939 562.

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