December 1, 2023

To mark International Women’s Day, we asked some of our favourite female beauty bosses to share the story behind their brands and their three hero products.

1.Georgie Cleeve, founder of Oskia

          georgie cleeve oskia

          I’m a 46 year old mother of 3 children, a few dogs and cats. We live on a farm on the Welsh border, where we have our own factory and lab. I’ve now been in the health, wellbeing & beauty industry for nearly 20 years, which seems extraordinary. I’m a therapist a past director of our family equine nutritional business and have a passion for problem solving actives and skiing!

          ‘Oskia’s story goes back many, many years to when I was a teenager. My mother skied for Britain and as a result we skied a lot. I was very fortunate, but it caused severe damage to my knee cartilage which resulted in many operations. It was after my final op – when I was told that I would never ski again – that my father suggested I try his new supplement designed to increase the mobility in horse joints. This was MSM and the results were simply mind blowing.’

          ‘However, an unexpected side effect was that my skin completely changed condition – from poor, acne prone skin, to clear and bright, as well as my nails becoming stronger. Fast forward 15 years and still no one was using MSM in skincare. I then decided aged 30 that if I could help improve the condition of people’s skin which in turn boosts confidence, then that is my goal. I then put together a team of doctors, nutritionists and skincare chemists and spent 3 years analysing which nutrients your skin cells need to work properly, as well as methods of getting those nutrients into the skin cells.’

          ‘OSKIA launched in 2009, which I now run with my husband, George Gordon, a corporate lawyer, and we have pioneered nutritional skincare ever since, winning over 200 awards for our formulas for which I am exceptionally proud. We have a mega A+ team!’

          What are your 3 favourite products from your range?

          ‘Currently the new Violet Water Treatment Tonic is my favourite, which is a BHA exfoliating toner which I would describe it as the Rolls-Royce of BHA toners as it also contains 30 other super actives to clear and brighten skin.’

          Violet Water Treatment Tonic

          ‘Restoration Oil is just HEAVEN! It is a very light facial oil that contains a host of oil-soluble actives all designed to calm skin and boost collagen production. It leaves my skin so soft in the morning and if used during the day, gives a wonderful glow.’

          Restoration Oil



          ‘Super R – another new product. The best retinoid in my view, brimming with other actives. The results we have seen on clients complexions using these little heart shaped capsules make me so happy.’

          Super-R Retinoid Capsules



          2.Sarah Brown: Founder and CEO of Pai Skincare

          sarah brown

          In 2007 Sarah Brown founded Pai after struggling with skin sensitivity. ‘Out of the blue, I developed urticaria and my usually calm skin became irritated, hyper-sensitive and acne-prone. Trying to keep it under control was a daily battle and finding products that didn’t contain problem ingredients brought a whole new challenge. I‘d reached a dead-end with a cabinet full of products claiming to be “hypoallergenic” and “organic”, let down by their ingredient lists full of synthetics and irritants.’

          ‘I just wanted effective skincare I could trust and depend on and creating Pai was my way of taking back control. Pai is everything I wanted as a customer; skincare made with effective, organic ingredients, no nonsense marketing and a brand that understands products are just one piece of the puzzle.’

          What are your 3 go to beauty products?

          ‘Perricone MD No Makeup Lipstick SPF15 I bought this on a whim and it was absolute love at first wear. It’s like a tinted, moisturising lip balm but with the staying power of lipstick. It comes in subtle, complexion-enhancing shades.’

          Perricone MD No Makeup Lipstick SPF 15 4.2g (Various Shades)

          Perricone MD


          £20.80 (20% off)

          ‘I use this magnifying mirror every day – it’s fantastic if you have poor eyesight for doing your make-up or plucking eyebrows. It switches on by sensor, is cordless and keeps its power for ages. I don’t know how I ever lived without it!’

          simplehuman sensor mirror mini, 10x magnification, brushed stainless steel



          ‘I add a drop of this booster to my moisturiser daily to supercharge it. It really plumps my skin – peptides are famed for their ability to stimulate collagen production.’

          Peptides 5% Smoothing Booster



          3.Michelle Feeney: Founder of Floral Street

          michelle feeney

          Michelle Feeney is something of a beauty powerhouse. She started PR, before moving to New York to work on Crème de la Mer before leading MAC to become the world’s biggest make-up brand, spearheading the legendary MAC AIDS Fund and Viva Glam initiatives, realising that beauty could create broader social awareness and change.

          After moving back to the UK, went on to become CEO of St Tropez (pioneering their Princes Trust collaboration) CEO of PZ Cussons Beauty Division, before taking a career sabbatical, which bought about the creation of Floral Street, a modern British fragrance brand with sustainability and eco-responsibility at its very core.

          What are your 3 go to beauty products?

          ‘It’s really hydrating and my beauty confidence booster! But I always recommend visiting a MAC counter where expert makeup artists can advise on the right products for you and shade to suit your look!’

          MAC Love Me Liquid Lip Colour 3.1ml – Various Shades



          £17.60 (20% off)

          ‘With vanilla having a trend moment right now there’s so much to love about this confident yet comforting fragrance – it’s like a warm scented hug! I always carry a small size in my bag to spritz on, walk in and own the room!’

          Floral Street Wild Vanilla Orchid Eau de Parfum 50ml

          Floral Street


          ‘If you sleep well and you are happy then your skin looks radiant. I love the Aromatherapy Associates pure essential oils which I put on my feet and back of my neck as a meditative way to fall asleep, but ultimately happiness really is the best beauty treatment.’

          Aromatherapy Associates Essential Oil Collection (Worth £75.00)

          Aromatherapy Associates


          4.Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka: Founder of The Afro Hair & Skin Co


          Artist and beauty entrepreneur, Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka is the founder of The Afro Hair & Skin Co, her range of beauty and lifestyle products that provide tools for women to embrace the act of beauty ritualising as a form of self -preservation amongst today’s frenetic world.

          London native Ibi, was inspired to create her range during her year’s living in Sweden, which saw her reflect inwards and look to bringing elements of value back into her life which she felt had been lost. Her time there was transformative, allowing her to embrace a way of being that encouraged, slow, meditative and intentional thought in all aspects of who she is a Black woman in today’s world.

          Recounting how she used skincare from a young age as a therapeutic means to connect with her identity and self, Ibi’s range offers relatable and accessible care and beauty tools that directly spoke to women like her who are seeking and understand the need for moments to slow down, take care and feel held in within self as a priority, thus in 2016 The Afro Hair & Skin Co. was born.Understanding that to stand for one’s self means standing in support of our environments and considering our imprints on the world, Ibi looks to a local and human first approach to developing her range by using native and ethically sourced natural and cruelty free ingredients with each product hand crafted at her studio in Hastings, where she resides with her young family.

          What are your 3 go to beauty products?

          ‘I’m loving the Peppermint Daily cleanser by Q+A, I discovered this range while looking for an efficient routine for a camping trip last year.The peppermint cleanser is a great all rounder, really gentle and works well to remove any make-up residue left over after oil cleansing. I love the tingling sensation from the peppermint too.’

          Q+A Peppermint Daily Cleanser 125ml



          ‘I usually follow this with the Q+A peptide serum. I’d usually use this before applying my facial oil. The serum is really light and sinks in well. My skin does feel plumper and very hydrated whenever I use it, it’s a keeper.’

          Q+A Peptide Facial Serum 30ml



          ‘Lastly, I use Flow-Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil from my own skincare range. I used it for 5 years before eventually launching it as a product. I love its ability to balance out my skin. I have combination skin and used to struggle to find products that worked on my differing zones. Flow works like magic to balance out my oily zones and really nourish the drier areas. It leaves my skin glowing too.’


          Afro Hair & Skin Co
          Afro Hair & Skin Co


          5.Terry De Gunzberg: CEO of ByTerry

          by terry

          Terry, who comes from a scientific family, first decided to pursue a career in medicine but soon gave up her studies in favour of a more artistic lifestyle. Beginning her career at the renown Carita beauty school in Paris, she swiftly rose to the position of in-demand studio make-up artist, working on editorial and runway projects with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton but it was her partnership with Yves Saint Laurent that would have a lasting impact on the history of fashion and beauty. Terry created a variety of goods and formulae throughout her 15 years as the international makeup designer for YSL Beauté, including the enduring Touché Eclat in 1992.

          Terry then decided to start her own line of cosmetics in 1998, BY TERRY was born as a bespoke “couture” beauty line offering made to measure cosmetics. Due to a lab error in 2004, Baume de Rose, BY TERRY’s most popular product, had double the normal amount of rose butter added to it in 2004. It is often referred to as the Rolls Royce of lip balms and has become something of a beauty icon. .

          What are your 3 go to beauty products?

          ‘I love the new By Terry Hyaluronic Global Serum, which contains 10% hyaluronic acid. This is a record-breaking high concentration – for reference, other brands use between 1% – 3%.’

          ‘I believe that your hands can age you, so I try to take good care of mine. For me, this means a weekly manicure and I usually opt for Essie’s Mademoiselle shade. It’s a sheer, nude pink that just makes you look polished.’

          Essie Nail Colour 13 Mademoiselle Nail Polish

          ‘I only wash my hair with sulphate free shampoos, since they’re a lot more gentle on the hair and scalp. They don’t strip your hair of its natural oils, and can stop your hair colour fading.Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste is a good option.’

          Kérastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste 250ml



          6.Mina Chae: CEO of Farmacy Beauty


          When Mina Chae, CEO of Farmacy, first joined the farm-to-face skin-care brand as director of marketing and consumer engagement, the team was small — so much so that she had to help box up influencer mailers and even drive to the warehouse to pack shipments during Black Friday shopping.

          Chae stepped into the CEO role in January 2022 and strives to continue Farmacy’s mission to cultivate conscious beauty. Using responsible, farm-sourced ingredients to create thoughtful, clean + cruelty-free skincare formulas. And while giving back is the passion, farm-to-face skincare comes second nature.

          Her thoughts on the term clean beauty? ‘ It’s a nebulous term. And as a result, it sometimes doesn’t mean much to consumers. When Farmacy first started, clean beauty was new. It was a way to define your brand. Clean now is table stakes. It’s like free shipping — you only notice when it’s not there. When a consumer says they want clean, it just means they want formulas they can trust, and they want transparency and accountability. It’s about being really honest about what you use in your ingredients, why you choose to use an ingredient or why you choose not to use an ingredient,’ she said in an interview.

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘I use Farmacy’s bestselling cleansing balm every night to cleanse my face. It removes all of my makeup and SPF effortlessly in literally one minute. I have super dry skin and if leaves my skin soft and hydrated.’

            FARMACY Green Clean Make Up Meltaway Cleansing Balm 100ml



            ‘This product is a magical skin smoother. I keep it in my shower and use it every week. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and really makes a difference in my skin texture.’

            KP Bump Eraser body scrub 226g

            FIRST AID BEAUTY


            ‘This is a beautiful, creamy balm that I apply to my cheeks for a quick flush of color. I apply with my fingertips and am out the door in minutes.’

            Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm

            Tower 28 Beauty


            7.Nikita Mehta: Co-founder of Fable & Mane


            Nikita Mehta’s brand is something of a family affair. She started it with her brother Akash Mehta and their vision was to turn the age-old ritual of Indian hair oil massage into a new luxury wellness brand. Using Ayurvedic principles to formulate their products, they became an overnight success and sold out twice during the pandemic.

            In an interview with Forbe Mehta explained ‘I saw a whitespace in the market for something clean, cultural and conscious using Ayurvedic beauty principles but in a modern way. ‘

            It was during a stressful time in her life that Mehta experienced hair loss and remembered her grandmother giving both siblings, traditional Ayurvedic Indian hair massages. ‘For Indians, nightly hair oiling massage is part of our everyday life.’

            Their hero product line currently includes: HoliRoots Hair Oil, HoliRoots Shampoo, HoliRoots Conditioner and a HoliRoots Hair Mask and each product goes beyond the buzz words of “clean” and “natural”.

            ‘Fable and Mane is committed to giving back to the wild and has a “give back” philosophy at its core, supporting the wildlife charities that restore habitats for endangered wild felines,’ says Mehta.

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘In the morning, I use a cream-based cleanser with a muslin cloth followed by Maracuja Oil and Aloe Vera Gel on my face, I also enjoy using the Irene Forte Aloe Vera Face Cream. It’s super nourishing, soothing and brightens my dry skin.’

            Aloe Face Cream


            ‘At night, I spray Rose de Mai water on my face and scalp and gua-sha around my jaw to release tension. I use a saffron-based moisturiser from India which softens and hydrates.’

            Crystal Contour Gua Sha Green Aventurine Beauty Tool

            ‘In terms of haircare, the Fable & Mane HoliRoots Hair Mask is my personal favourite. It smells divine and is literal hair food – like a coconut cream, mango and banana whipped pudding, need I say more?’

            Fable & Mane HoliRoots Repairing Hair Mask

            Fable & Mane


            8.Diane Cheung, Founder of MELIOR


            Melior is latest eco brand that’s set to take the beauty world by storm. It’s founder Diane who previously work on brands such as Red Bull, Stella Artois, created it as she wanted to give those with disabilities the chance to show their abilities. Because working lifts lives, builds resilience and increases self-belief. ‘Making our products makes a difference. So does buying them. It buys a working day for those who have been overlooked. And that’s what we work for. Every working day.’

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘This is a complete game-changer. Not only is it organic and free of cheap filler oils, it’s full of antioxidants and most importantly, it’s in a glass bottle – as plastic is a real no-no for me. My skin glows and the serums’ heavenly scent is a bonus. Now part of my bedtime routine, it’s a little treat at the end of a long day.’

            FranChouliPom Nourishing Facial Serum – Organic Face Oil

            ‘I discovered the colourful zero waste range in France last summer and immediately swooped on their refillable deodorants. They’re aluminium and EDTA free, and delicately scented with flower extracts. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it truly stands the test of time. I also bought a refill but I don’t think I’ll need it for at least another 2 years. I celebrate products that challenge the status quo and do a brilliant job at the same time.’

            Le déo en stick à recharger

            MELIOR’s new powder-to-gel hand wash is just that – not only is it super eco-friendly with no plastic packaging, a tiny carbon footprint and a compostable pouch, but it also looks gorgeous in my bathroom and provides jobs to people with disabilities. The Lemongrass & Thyme scent instantly puts me in a good mood, and I love that I can whip it up from scratch in no time – all I have to do is add water. It’s sustainability done better.”

            9.Veronique Gabai-Pinsky: Founder Veronique Gabai

            veronique gabai

            One of the fragrance industry’s leading ladies, French born Gabai spent over 20 years developing beauty a fragrance lines for celebrities whilst at Estée Lauder Companies. After climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, Gabai realised that she wanted to finally go it alone thus her brand was born.

            Influenced by her French culture to create her scents and brand aesthetic, her scents are inspired by her youth in Cote d’Azur, by the Mediterranean Sea. With ingredients grown and harvested in Grasse, each fragrance is meant to give you an overload of sensations and let you escape and boy, do they.

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘This serum has been around for ever and yet, it is still in my opinion one of the best ones out there. A miracle product!’

            Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum (Various Sizes)

            Estée Lauder


            ‘Our neck is one of the areas that get very little attention, and yet one that says your age before you can even try to lie about it! Thank you Revive for taking care of our necks.’

            RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream Nightly Retexturizer 15ml



            ‘I cannot start my day without a moment smelling it. It fills my heart with joy and optimism, allows me to smile to the world and open my arms to this new day and all it has in store for me! And by the way….it does this to everyone! At the crossroads of aromatherapy and perfumery, we are proud to say that for the first time, a perfume has tangible and measured benefits!’

            Aroma Heart Eau de Parfum (100ml

            10.Ada Ooi, Celebrity Facialist and Founder of 001 Skincare

            ada ooi

            Ada Ooi is name amongst those in the know and her celebrity clients including Rooney Mara, Emma Mackey, Ariana Debose, Jessie Buckley and Ellie Goulding to name but a few., An aesthetician and Chinese medicine practitioner, she is trained in aesthetics and aromatherapy, all disciplines in Chinese Medicine including the sophisticated auricular micro-system acupuncture.

            Originally from Hong Kong, Ada grew up spending a lot of time watching her pharmacist grandfather prescribed Western medicines combining remedies taken from Chinese medical principles, formulated and blended at his pharmacy in Macau for people in need. Fast forward over a couple of decades and she mastered the most effective techniques from the Eastern and Western cosmetology and wellness industries for treating the skin, mental health and well-being holistically. By combing over 15 years of extensive skincare and cosmetic science expertise gained across continents she has also formulated a British natural-cosmeutical skincare range 001 Skincare London and her clinic, situated in Harley Street, won best clinic at the Women’s Health beauty awards.

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘2023 has been a very busy year for me so far so I often reach out to this fragrance as I find it very therapeutic. Imagine fresh roses being slow smoked over dry cedarwood, just a sniff of it quiets down my mind. Very soft and warming, it reminds me of the scented sandalwood hand fan my grandmother used to keep me cool on our bus rides when I was a child.’

            ‘There are days that I lag and skip body moisturiser and this shower oil keeps my skin very soft and nourished. It starts off as an oil and lathers into a delicate foam without drying the skin, it feels grounding and cocooning with vanilla and myrrh lingering during and after my shower.’

            Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Shower Oil, 250ml

            Jo Malone London


            ‘I drench my skin every night in this powerhouse serum, layering it before and after applying my moisturiser, allowing its very light and dewy formula to open pathways to push 9 actives like retinyl palmitate (a retinoid that doesn’t irritate the skin), vitamin C and alpha-arbutin into the skin to address natural ageing concerns I’ve identified, which all of us will encounter as our oestrogen naturally drops day by day.’

            Alpha Glow Flash Facial

            001 skin
            001 skin


            11.Maya Njie, founder of Maya Njie Perfumes


            Since launching 7 years ago Maya Njie androgynous notes have left addictive trails to be sought after.

            Maya Njie (pronounced ‘Maia N-Jai’) moved to London in her late teens from Västers, Sweden. While her background lies in surface design and photography, she began experimenting with the sense of smell and initially inspired by an old family photo album that showed images of her small Swedish summer house surrounded by mercurial forests, Sunday afternoon visits to her grandparents’ sparsely furnished flat and her Uncle Lars’ and Aunt Erene’s wedding.

            Then during her time at the or The Laundry, an arts hub in London Fields, Maya delved deeper into the world of olfaction, experimenting with various raw materials and teaching herself perfumery. Visitors and tenants alike expressed an interest in her perfumes as she wore them to work and as interest grew it led to the creation on Njie Perfumes in 2016.

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘This is my staple perfume that I wear most days. It’s a brisk and boreal spicy cedar fragrance that warms up as the day progresses. Invigorating, contemporary and gender neutral.’

            Nordic Cedar Eau de Parfum 50ml

            Maya Njie


            ‘I love this cream as it feels really luxurious and substantial without being too heavy or cloying. It’s been my go-to this winter and it has done a great job in keeping my skin hydrated.’

            Body Conditioner 200ml



            ‘I have used a few of these over the years and love how it feels when exfoliating, the smell is gorgeous and it’s just a such a nice start to the day.’

            Haeckels x Ozone Exfoliating Coffee + Seaweed Block

            12. Annee de Mamiel, founder of de Mamiel skincare


            From rural Australia via the Sydney futures trading floor, iron man triathlons and round the world yacht racing, to skincare expert and wellness entrepreneur; a lifetime quest for knowledge and adventure has shaped Annee de Mamiel’s unique approach to skincare.

            Focused on healing the body from within, Annee expertly blends natural ingredients with Western science and evidence-based Eastern medicine to target daily stressors at every level; the physical, the emotional and the cellular. Annee is one of the world’s most sought-after skincare experts, globally renowned and with a long list of loyal customers, including international Royalty and A-listers at her clinics in London, New York and Los Angeles.

            Annee has an uncompromising approach to skincare, striving for visible results and long-term benefits, her dedication to discovering natural raw materials and new bio-tech ingredients to benefit both the body and mind has evolved into an award-winning product range that works on multiple levels.

            de Mamiel’s natural products are research led, backed by scientific studies and tested in the de Mamiel Skin Clinic. Handcrafted in the English countryside, the range combines prescriptive botanicals, biotechnology and efficacious oils for a multi-layered and modern approach that addresses both the physical symptoms of stress and the root cause. The philosophy of Routine to Rituals; Rituals toResults turns daily habits into wellness experiences to reconnect and restore the mind, body and soul with daily use of a de Mamiel product.

            2022 saw the launch of the de Mamiel residency in London at 180 Health Club and The Ned New York,where Annee and her talented team deliver a unique combination of aromatherapy, breath work and facial massage techniques to transform the skin, address the body from within and restore total equilibrium.

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘This treats the cause and symptoms of stress on my skin. I’m very proud of this formulation and it really makes a huge difference to the quality, texture and radiance of my skin.’

            de Mamiel First Fix Stress Response Serum

            de Mamiel


            ‘This is my go-to hair product to get hair to smell divine and add a lovely shine and smoothness without heaviness or greasiness . I have loved this ever since Adam Reed introduced me to it.’

            ‘This brand only use the best botanicals, vitamins and minerals. It really helps me to rebalance and be much more at ease when I feel a little wobbly!’

            MPowder Meno-Boost



            13.Amina Ajayi, product formulator and founder of 1611 LABS


            If you’re not au fait with 1611 labs, then it is certainly a brand to have on your radar. Founded by expert cosmetic scientist with over 14 years industry experience, Amina has been working across formulation, product development, branding, marketing, quality control and legislation.

            ;I’ve worked with global cosmetic companies & independent brands such as COTY Inc, MAD Beauty, Sleek MakeUP, Odylique, Wunder2 & Beautonomy and 8 years ago, I created and developed lila’lli; a range of multi-functional colour cosmetics that combines everyday core essentials with bold colours and high-quality formulations.’

            ‘Today, I manage 1611 LABS; a high-performance skincare solutions brand combining highly effective skincare treatments, with our personal consultancy programme to help achieve your healthiest skin.Each formula has been created & developed by myself; with years of research, and many iterations before approval of the final version. Our actives, bases & delivery systems, have all been carefully selected and engineered to create high performance multi-functional formulas.’

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘This is a hug in a bottle. It’s your moisturiser, your hydrator, the one product I would recommend to anyone. If you have skin, you need this. Ultra lightweight, silky emulsion designed to help strengthen & restore the skin barrier function. With ceramides, hemp seed oil, purified extract of centella asiatica, glyceryl glucoside & plant extracts enriched in polyphenol sugar esters; to help accelerate skin repair process on damaged skin.’

            An oldie but a goodie. A staple in my makeup bag. I don’t wear makeup daily, but I wasn’t blessed with full, perfect brows. So, if I don’t use anything, I’ll be sure to fill in my brows; and this provides the most natural hair like strokes.’

            It’s the perfect way to wind down in the evening after a long day.Be it a quick shower or a long bath, it’s guaranteed to provide relaxation with its perfect blend of essential oils.’

            Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate



            14. Dr. Colette Haydon, founder of lixirskin


            Lixir skin has become one of the worst kept secret’s amongst beauty editors and its become increasingly hard to not shout about how incredible these products are.

            Created by Dr. Colette Haydon in her London laboratory, where Colette formulated skincare products for the most coveted brands prior to the creation of her own brand, lixirskin. A doctor in dermo-pharmacy, Colette specialises in medical skincare, and lixirskin focuses on pure molecules with published clinical results. Dr. Colette realised less is more. Products with too many active ingredients which work on different metabolic pathways confuse the skin. It works too hard, cell energy is depleted, the skin gets tired and gives up. It is better to ask the skin to do one thing at a time, but to do it well. Layering too many products is likely to produce the same result. There is also potential for counteraction and irritation if not paired correctly. Don’t play chemist, product formulation is a skill that takes years to master!

            Dr. Colette also realised through her years of experience working for other brands that a good formula does it all. She doesn’t believe in having products dedicated to the face, neck or eye. The cosmetics industry creates names for products which have the same base and do the same thing – day cream, primer, night cream, moisturiser, serum etc. There is no such thing as a product which is good for one part of your skin and not the other. All skin shares the same everyday needs. For these essentials, Dr. Colette created lixirskin with multi-tasking heroes that make an instant difference and work for everyone without overloading your skin.

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

            ‘I am amazed how quickly it works to smooth and firm menopausal skin. It also feels so cocooning when mixed with the Universal Emulsion.’

            LIXIRSKIN Night Switch Essential Lipids 15ml



            ‘REN is my go to brand for body care, the wash is so gentle for the skin and a little goes a long way.’

            Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash

            ‘I don’t actually wear much make-up so I like the face that this feel light with little coverage but is still an excellent concealer.’

            TRISH MCEVOY Instant Eye Lift®

            TRISH MCEVOY


            15. Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People

            charlotte vohtz green people

            Charlotte Vøhtz first began her mission to launch a range of organic personal care products in 1997, having moved from her native Denmark to the UK. Today, 26 years on, Green People’s multi award-winning range is one of the front-runners in the organic beauty industry, with more than 140 natural, organic products with dedicated ranges for all the family including specialist sun care, sensitive skin and make-up ranges.

            ‘My young daughter Sandra was my initial inspiration to start Green People,’ she told WH. ‘Sandra had very sensitive skin and was plagued with eczema. In 1994 I began searching for natural products that didn’t contain harsh chemicals. I found that, despite various marketing claims, there weren’t any truly natural and organic beauty products on the market. This led me on an exciting journey of researching and formulating truly organic, natural products that would help Sandra and everyone else suffering with skin sensitivities.’

            Charlotte came to the discovery that products needed only have less than 1% natural or organic ingredients in the formulation to be termed ‘natural’. Charlotte’s founding principles meant that product performance and ethical practice were never sacrificed for profit. The promise to never use aggressive ingredients or synthetic chemicals, fragrances or colourants and to never test on animals, has been honoured every day since.

            From specialist sun-care to organic makeup, Green People products have won countless awards, use fair trade ingredients wherever possible and the company donates 10% of its net profit to charitable causes every year. Charlotte is equally passionate about supporting women across the globe. The fairly traded Shea butter used across the Green People range is collected, naturally processed and sold by a women’s co-operative from a rural community in Ghana.

            What are 3 favourite products from your range?

            ‘I can’t live without Green People’s Age Defy+ Cell Enrich Facial Oil combined with Age Defy+ Hydrate & Renew Serum as a hydrating facial treat and make-up primer and an SPF daily. I like to use the Day Solution SPF 15 or Scent Free facial Sun Cream SPF 30.’

            Age Defy+ Cell Enrich Facial Oil 30ml



            Age Defy+ Hydrate & Renew Serum 30ml



            Day Solution Cream SPF15 50ml



            16. Isamaya Ffrench, founder of ISAMAYA and make-up artist

            issamaya french beauty products

            I’ve had the great privilege to work as a consultant for a number of beauty brands for the past couple of years, whether that was directing concepts creatively or getting my hands dirty in a lab to develop the makeup products themselves.

            ‘I’m the kind of person who thrives in being involved in every step of a project but it’s sometimes complicated to do so when a brand has been established for many years and has a very targeted audience and an “aesthetic rule book”.

            ‘When I started in the makeup industry I didn’t think I would end up launching my own brand but it came very organically, from the desire to be the decision maker in every step to the challenge of creating something new in terms of visuals and packaging, which I thought was lacking on the market.’

            What are your 3 go to beauty products?

              ISAMAYA BEAUTY



              Queen Screen Luminising Sun Serum SPF 50+

              Ultra Violette


              £28.80 (20% off)


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